Principals Message

School Principal

Welcome to Arnolds Creek Primary School

Dear Parents/Guardians,
On behalf of all our staff, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome students, parents and community members to our school, Arnolds Creek Primary School.
Arnolds Creek Primary School strives for academic excellence and endeavour of all our students. To do this a number of factors must occur: dedicated staff, enthusiastic students and above all, strong relationships between all areas of the school, especially between staff, parents and the students. Our priorities for our school community revolve around continuing to improve student outcomes in literacy and numeracy whilst increasing the use of ICT; increasing the engagement of students; and putting in place our policies and processes across the school as the school grows and gains strength.
Learning at Arnolds Creek Primary School is enhanced innovative teaching with additional learning experiences gained through a variety of enrichment programs and fantastic technology. We focus on the delivery of a differentiated curriculum, which enables us to cater for individual needs.
Yours Faithfully,

Frank Pawlowicz

School profile and aspirations

School Profile
Community Aspirations

Arnolds Creek Primary School opened its doors to students in Grade Prep to Grade 6 at the start of 2015.  The school is located in the Arnolds Creek Estate in Melton West and has been built in response to the swiftly developing local area.  It is located at 59 Claret Ash Blvd, Melton West.   It is expected to rapidly increase in enrolment numbers over the course of the next several years. The educational purpose of the school will focus on the following:
Building a sense of community within the school
Supporting the development of skills and attributes for lifelong learning
Inspiring aspiration amongst the young people of the area
Providing young people with a range of experiences which can support the development of social capital in the local community
Instilling a sense of belonging, engagement and identity amongst students

Our school is a friendly place where the needs of the students come first. We help our students develop high self-esteem and expect them to be respectful of others. It is agreed that the school and the families must work closely together to help each child achieve his or her unique potential.
Our students learn to think for themselves and they understand the benefit of working together in teams. Our students learn how to think creatively and critically, how to make sound judgments and how to apply their knowledge in real life situations. Teachers and parents have high social, moral and academic expectations of our students. Together, they challenge students to make the most of their abilities and help them to make meaningful connections. Our teachers appreciate that individual students learn differently, so they provide a variety of learning experiences and use a wide range of teaching methods and assessment strategies. Our community celebrates all kinds of student success and appreciates that adults, too, are learners.
Our common future requires that we all look beyond our immediate needs. For this reason, our students learn that they have a duty to the wider community and to the environment. They learn to give service to others, and to work towards a better world. We expect our students to learn about our society and reflect on how different people in the world can learn from each other. Our students learn to be honest, to persevere in everything they do and to have the courage to defend their views while making informed and ethical choices as future leaders in our changing world.